Layer-Cake Vintage-Sweater

Monday, January 17, 2011
Today I went out to have lunch with my friends. We ate dimsum at one hotel at Salemba. Suddenly I forgot the hotel name. Hihihi pardon me. Well... I still prefer sushi than dimsum. Later on we went to Ragusa, an ice cream restaurant at Cikini. I usually couldn't eat too-much ice cream. Conello Mini is the amount that I could eat from an ice-cream at a time(average of 1 scoop ice-cream), but this Ragusa ice cream is different. I don't know which way, but I could eat 3 scoop of ice cream without the feel of being tortured(lol). Maybe (just a wild guess) the amount of the milk that they've used? coz I'm no fan of dairy thingy, and I couldn't eat too-much dairy product.

I wear a sweater that mom bought us when I was around 10 years old =)). It's my sister's before, but none of us actually wear them. Recently I saw how vintage simply clothes and earthy colors  are being brought up to the fashion industry again. So why not alter-wear it and looks fashionable? It will look more cute if I wear a white jeans/trouser, but unfortunately I haven't buy a white jeans :| I left my old white jeans at my apartement in Japan. Hmm now that I'm remember; I'm gonna make it as first priority on list-to-buy now.