The 'Unfinished' Business

Saturday, January 8, 2011

I'd just bought an external HDD for my laptop, and I remembered now; I have many video files that I promise(to myself) that I will edit it into several film documentary, after I went home to Jakarta; (and after I bought an external HDD--my laptop simply couldn't edit any video before I transfer out half of its data).

And here I am, staring at at-least hundreds video files and I forgot what the plan was. The files is too many, I simply couldn't check it one by one nowadays (sok busy). But seeing these files full of memory certainly makes me wanna do the project even more. So I think I'm gonna do my best to edit it one theme at a time. 頑張ります!

I've done several films btw, if you're interested to see it; just visit my youtube channel on