Welcoming My Darker Skin Tone

Tuesday, January 18, 2011
My skin tone is getting darker since I went home to Indonesia:( it could get 2 tone darker than my body. Uhuk. I wear sunblock 20-50% on the sunny day, depend on how sunny it is. But I refuse to use any -heavy- whitening product. I just thought that my skin is already getting older, why get it more 'damaged' with whitening products? Some products are actually works, I could see it on my friends. But, I heard that whitening face could means that breaks the "shield" that face already has; so I'm still on the mood of not using any heavy whitening products(that actually works. The heavy ones are the ones which actually works/you can see the BIG difference, too big it scares me tho'). I use face-lulur bengkoang for whitening tho', to help scrub out the dead skin, but not kill anything inside:))

Accepting the fact that I'm getting darker facial tone, I began to search selebrity that has similar skin tone with me. And I found her :) Hehehe, she's Farah Quinn. She's a famous cook in Indonesia, she has a very dark brown skin tone, but her makeup and fashion just perfect. I saw her once on TV, wearing blue-purpleish eyeshadow and it looks superb on her. Usually I chose light pink eyeshadow, but after my skin gone darker, I could barely see the color:))) 

Oh well. After I learned that purple looks good on dark skin and I decided to try it, and voila! it also look nice on me too =D I use only two color; purple and blue. I didn't have darker purple, that's why I use blue to enhanced the edge. I might try another combination later. I also will upload some of my old picture of make up experiment--if I able to find them ;))