floaty hijab

Wednesday, February 23, 2011
Quick post for today. I tried Hana Tajima's style of hijab. She uses shawl for her hijab, but since I don't have any good shawl to wear, I use my scarf instead. Heheh, I'm a night person so please be passion with my dark-edited photos :( next time I will post another picture of this hijab style in daylight ;)

My comment: I love how this style kinda makes me looks more mature:) I should find more colors n patterns that fit to my personality though. I also pretty suprised how this looks could make me looks chubbier:) (yes, I want to be chubbier than now)

I wear to different top on these pics, so don't be weird about the changing colors on the shirt. I must edited 'the mirror photo' HARD coz it reflects darker than other dark-straight photos. *sigh. A night person with a nightmode cellphone camera:( not a good combination, huh?

By the way, I have so many work projects ahead, everything that I want to do seems to pop up at the same time. I do really hope I could be amanah and do my best for all projects. Pray for me too okay :) hehe.


dissa said...

im trying this style too!! kak meiiiii huwaa :) love it!!! we need to meet!! hahahaa

Meilina said...

syusaah:( ada link tutorialna yg bener tak? aku nyoba bedasarkan insting doang xD