Love Hurts First Aid? Spoon :p

Sunday, February 6, 2011
I don't cry often. I must say I pretty though girl. BUT I must admit, I could cry nonstop for hours if I really hurted/sick of things. Last time I remember I cried couple months ago, but I didn't cried until hours. And it's only couple drops. The last time I cried till I fell asleep was when I lost my bestfriend 2 years ago. My bestfriend is a guy, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, last night I cried approximately 2 hours. Non-stop. Literally. Yeah, it's just a typical young-adulthood problem. Nothing big, really. But maybe I hold the tears for too long, and last night, I let it out without any defense. Never thought it would be 2 hours non-stop crying. But yeah, thank God I finally let it out. Coz the sadness and insecurity are starting to eat me inside. I'd rather to let it out than let them eat me alive. 

Well the scary thing was when I woke this morning. My eyes were badly swollen. I'm not the typical person that has ice cubes on her refrigerator, so.. shut, I didn't have any icecubes to help me cooling down my swollen eyes. Then I remembered my sister said to me, long time ago, "If you need to cool down your swollen eyes (asap), put couples spoons on freezer for half an hour. And tab it on your eyes when it's cold." 
It's pretty helpful. Although you might also want to make ice cube too. The spoon is just for emergency while waiting the ice cubes (become cubes:))). Use them one of a time(don't let them out at once). Mmm.. also if the spoon is getting warmer, if you have cool water, just put the spoon inside the coold water for awhile to cool it again. It's better than nothing.