Love Pattern Eyeliner

Sunday, February 13, 2011
Nfufu, I'm so happy that I tried to do something special for Rabu-Rabu day; at the end of the trial I had myself a posting material XD After I made this blog, I knew how hard for an artist to be consistent (in making work-arts). Well, first of all; sorry if I haven't put any post on article section yet. Uhuk. And probably, I wont write the article in english :| Like I said before I hadn't used my english for so long, now it took longer for me to write an article in english. Maybe, I'll make the english summary, but still I can't promise much about it. 

Well, my cellphone-camera and digital camera  (as usual) couldn't get well-captured pictures of the make-up. Graoww. Later on I'll promise myself to treat myself a good webcam. I usually use webcam for capturing close up photo o__o it easier for me to get a good angle without trying over and over again. The theme is obvious, it's a eyelining for rabu-rabu day.

here's picture that I took with my cellphone-camera

here's from my digicam

this one looks blurry coz I had it zoomed :|*sigh*

I used two-wings eyelining and make some rabu-rabu patterns to give the dramatic looks. Nfufufu, after I drew the love shapes, I apply a purple eyeshadow on them. Sorry if you can't see the color clear :'( it because my brownies skin has became more brown than usual-__- . I think I really need to buy a new eyeshadow pallete for brown skin *sigh*. Anyway, hey it's not about the eyeshadow (since I didn't apply any on the upperlids:p) it's about the eyelining and fun pattern for rabu-rabu day. Nfufuf. I think this look is pretty unique and it will pop up more if you use glitter or little diamonds to exhance the sparky-loving mood.


DS. Utomo said...

You have a nice blog with very interesting content. Really like it.

Meilina said...

thank youu=)