My Lovely Angels :)

Friday, February 18, 2011
I want to introduce my two lovely angels that never fail to warm my days. Hehe, I like animal maybe since I was a baby=P Honestly, I feel emotional-related more to animal than to human (in this area I just can explain why). That's way probably "normal person" wouldn't understand how much or how far I love and I fight for animals :( especially my cats. My cats are living being that helps me cope my tough days. During my childhood, adolescense, and young adulthood, I must say my cats are my savior angels. Without them my life was just "hard". I probably have had more than 50cats since I was a baby. There was time when I have 25cats at once. But most of them are wild cats/kitten, and their mom got them hit by car coz she asked(made?) them to go out with her-__-. I couldn't stop them since they're not live inside my home :'(

Now my babies are home-cat. I'm just freak out when my babies go outside. I finally let one out sometimes since she's grown up. But the uneasy feeling when she's roaming out never leave me. I found Ruu-bah (the older one) in such a dramatic scene. She was holding on the brick of bank of small river near my house, striving to stay alive. I had some guy to help her out, since the slop is pretty deep. Even after I have her at home, until at least 2 months I feel very uneasy everytime I go out. Maybe because I fear of losing her. Maybe because I almost lost her when I found her? I don't know. I feel more relaxed when Muu-sang comes. maybe because after I finally figure out how to keep a cat as home-cat.

They say like master like cats. Hihi, somehow I see it quite true. Ruu is the kind of cat that doesn;t like attachment. She doesn't like sleep near me or let me hold her for too long. She comes only when she wants too. Hihi. Checked. She also doesn't like to eat :)) from all cat I've had, Ruu is the most unlikely to eat. She always stop when she feels enough. Ah my cats are pure carnivora though. I give them a carnivora diet for their better health :) and I'm pretty happy of the result. They are healthy kids alhamdulillah. I don't know about Muu-sang personality yet (since she closer to Ruu than to me-__-) she's been here also only 1 or 2 month, therefore I haven't figure out her personlity (that similar to me) yet =P

Muu likes mirror and likes to ngempeng on my stuffy animals.
She likes to kentut sometimes:) but still I heart this baby<3

Ruu when she was younger always (insisted) to sleep on my laptop keyboard -__-
Now she's a beautiful lady :) love her