Thursday, February 3, 2011
I love boots. But boots in Jakarta means hot, literally hot, heat :))) Couple days ago I had a reunion with ritsumeikan college friends. When I dressed up, the wheater was cloudy with a lil bit rain-stop-rain-stop. So I decided to use my boots. But then when I got out and tried to find myself a taxi, JREEENG, the wheather became very sunny and hot. I was like #@$%^@%&#! I look like a hot (literally, heated-foot) girl that wear boots on sunny day. GRAAAOWW.

The condition then got even worse, one of my guy-friend apparently didn't see that I wear boots (I sat down); he spotted a girl wear boots, and honestly joked, "There's a girl wears boots on this sunny day, doesn't she feels hot?" I was like-___- meh,, "Hey~ are you talking about me?" He suprised and realized that I also wear a boots=)) So I joked, "Maybe that poor girl live around my area". GRAAAAOOOWW, what a weather that day~~

Btw, I bought that boots on child section. lol. Praise japanese kids for being so fashionable. My shoe size is incredible small. I choose the 'thumbelina' name coz it really defines me. I have petite figure, only 145cm, with shoes size 35 or.. 21,5. Petite. I'm not short (thank God) one of my friend said that I'm quite tall in height propotions (means my legs is pretty long). That's why I rather say myself as "petite" than short :p