Stopmotion Attempt

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I just remembered that I still have art-works at my youtube old account. Huhu, I must find a powerful speed wifi to re-upload my old and new videos to my new youtube account :'( I miss Japan internet connection :((

I made this 2 years ago, first attempt for stopmotion. So pardon the amateur attempt =p It was a birthday gift for one of my bestfriend in Japan. He also an artist. I made this vid on February 14th coz my friend's birthday is on February 15th. Hihi, well we can relate the vid to Valentine day too, I guess?

Btw I suddenly miss him. It's been two years since we last met :-( calling for Jerry Midacronica genki kai~omaeee=p ?


DS. Utomo said...

Nice art-works. Like it.

Meilina said...

=D thank you Dad, ehehe =D

dissa said...

waaa, been a long time kak! and i still remember this video :)
super like!
ayo kakak bikin lagii, kalau bingung uploadnya, ke cafe2 yang ada hotspotnya aja kak, lumayan cepet kok internet disana :)

Meilina said...

iya nihhhh~ susahnya consistent bertelur karya2 baru:(
padahal video files gw banyak banget T_T baru 2 yg kelar jadi short-movie. Uhuk. kapan2 ke starbucks bawa laptop deh bwt upload;))