Dreaming about IPad :'(

Sunday, March 6, 2011
Meeee so wanting IPad 2~~~ T__T GRAOOW GRAOOOWW

My friend took this photo with his ipod4. And he edited on it and upload it to facebook. Awwwh, it has been my dream to have a gadget that allow me take photos, edit them, write notes/blog, browse internet, and doing presentation with. Ipod4 is nice but I can't write/blog a lot with it because of its small size. IPad is big enough for my finger to type a long notes with it. I'm thinking about buying netbook that more mobile than my laptop (my laptop is HUGE). But netbook don't have camera on it. Therefore UHUHUHU. Really want IPad!!!!!!! If it's about gadget, I'm so wishing I'm still in Japan right now :-| I could get pricenable price there, coz there're seasons of electronic sale there. Most of my gadgets I bought it while I'm in Japan--with good price of course=D. I heard that Samsung Galaxy Tab is sold around 3million rupiah, I think I could save money for that, since IPad sold around 5.... I personally think it's too expensive (for me).......

I wear a T-shirt Baby Doll Dress that I've mentioned in this blog post. It should've been more fluffy-floaty, but :-| I'm too thin to make this dress look more fluffy:-(


DS. Utomo said...

Hope your dream comes true soon. Be patient !