Japan, My 2nd Hometown

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Japan's always be my second home. Although I might say that it wasn't easy for me to survive there; all the classes and part-time jobs, all the bills and expenses, it wasn't easy. but for the 3,5 years I've been there, I grew up a lot. Of course I grew up here in Jakarta, but while in Japan I found the deeper meaning of life, the deeper meaning of me. I never thought that I will be missing Japan this fast, since I was so longing to come back to my homeland Jakarta when I was there. But after 1 year away from there, I must admit, I'm so missing Japan. I miss the language, I miss the 4 seasons--except for the summer, I miss the drinks there:p jidouhanbaiki's.

I grew up in the small city called Beppu, it's in Oita Prefecture. It's such a small quiet, serene city with beautiful sky and hills. It's nothing similar to Tokyo, to be honest, I was in Tokyo 5 days, and I really dislike the city :))))) no offense but compare to my Beppu, Tokyo is much much 'colder'. I never thought I will be saying this fast; But I really want to come back visit Beppu one day :) Maybe later I'll have flight to Fukuoka, and take a bus to Beppu, stay for 3 days and so, take a ferry to osaka, visit its Universal Studio, off to Kyoto and fly back to Jakarta again. My friend was asking about cheap flight to Tokyo and asked if I want to come with them, but frankly, Tokyo was just not my town :) Hihi, someday I might take that Beppu-Osaka-Kyoto course, I pretty sure about it. I hope I could bring along my Dad and my sister though :'( --tiba2 ingin kaya mendadak.red.

It's sad how tsunami made me remembered about Beppu, but it did. The 11 march tsunami really makes me remember Beppu and how lucky I am to know that small heavenly city. Owh well, the city will be there always :) though years might change and change the city, still Beppu, I declared you as my second hometown :) Through my happy and sad moment, I shall remember Beppu as my first base of struggling in life.