My Dad and My (future) Man

Thursday, March 3, 2011

So, this is the man in my life. Some friend called me picky about guy. Well, blame on this man. MWHUAHAHA xD. I have VERY high expectations on guys simply because I have greatest Dad on earth~ =) Well I do realize that Dad has became who he is now by through a loooong process. I definitely don't know Dad on his 27th. Maybe if I know him that time, I MIGHT dislike him. LOL. Well I dislike the majority guy at my age (not everyone though. Majority only). Especially the dokodemo ( one. Graoowww. If there's a guy 'try to be close' with me and do the trial to another woman too, then PLAK. GO WEST. 

I adore smart guys. I'd like to say "A", and hear he replies, "Did you know that "A+B"? meaning that he has broaden knowledge than me and keeps me entertained with the new knowledges. I adore men that could answer my question and argue, with knowledge and wisdom. Well, THAT because I've been grown up with my Dad's geniusity and wisdom! =p although I read that intellegency is inherited matrilineally, but still, I'm so proud to have a genius Dad. And did you know that there's a research saying that intellegency in man effects his loyality to his spouse! So yes. Me want smart husband one day! So my Dad said one day that "smart guy might be stubborn" yah, whateverxD I'll take the whole package! LOL. But btw, I banned video-game addicts and soccer-addicts. I was traumatized by those two, just for you to know.

Being the last child from three daughters kinda defines part of my character. In love/relationship area I kinda difficult to men. meaning; men find me difficult (probably even my Dad still found me a bit difficult:))))))) LOL. I work fine with men, to be honest, I prefer work with men. I have the 'straight forward' culture than 'implisit thingy'. That's maybe the good side. The bad side, I'm guessing I have men's BIG ego. And the weird thing is I always attracted to those that have BIGGER ego than me-__- mwhueh, then the love-story gets more difficult from thereeee. Graowwwwwwwwww~

Anywaaaaay, I have a lot writings about my childhood and teenage phase featuring my Dad. But, tsk, I must admit, I don't like reading my old writing especially those about my past. Re-read it still brings me to tears until now. But I do remember some notes I posted on my facebook that have quite a lot of likes and comments from my friends. One of my friend even asked me to share it to her facebook. Some of my old friends said they still remember my Dad and his car. I even didn't know that he was that famous. Hehe,  You can read one here. Warning: tears may be included while reading.

So, this might not the conclusion of today post XD but, what kind of guy will be my partner in life? Ehehe, I, with my plus and minus traits, still believe in power of huznudzon, the law of attraction, the power of positive thinking. So, I have a book that has a (long) written list of dua about my jodoh =D he'll be insyaAllah an awesome guy;) and me too trying my best to be awesome by the time he comes :) insyaAllah, I will make a blog-post about him later if I finally find him. Ihihihi, 楽しみ~


DS. Utomo said...

Well... Allah bless you and your future family ! Aaamiin...