Thursday, March 17, 2011
Finally I've recovered from teribble flu that I had last week. I'd felt something weird in my body these couple weeks but yet haven't realize that I was caught flu since last week. When I was in Japan, I only caught flu for once in a year. After I went back to Jakarta, I managed not to caught flu for 11 months. I thought that it will take a while for me to caught flu again; but then, 3 months later, here I am caught flu again :( I think my immunity is getting weaker here in Jakarta *sigh*. After that I decided not to spend my time in front of laptop and give myself a good rest. 

I had a test last week, I done it while I had  running nose, headache, and I almost panicked coz my powerpoint crash at the same time. This laptop if getting old :( so many programs crash alot lately. I almost panicked, but since I still had enough time that time, I decided to made video presentation by sony vegas instead. I pretty much like the results. I hope the company likes them too though. Now I can do is wait and pray. But, I believe that jodoh and rizki is written, so I refuse to worry too much about it.

After idle-ing for couple weeks, I decided to finish at least 60-70% of the storybook that I mentioned before this weekend, I hope I could finish it 100% next week or week after that. This weekend I'm also planning to have my sewing machine repaired. My Dad tried to repair it several times, but yappari it needs  apro to do it :-| meanwhile I really need to improve my fashion-designs.

I don't know where future will bring me after this. But whatever it will be, I'll try my best to be amanah with all of my works. Like I said before, I'm a girl with plan a, plan b, plan c, and so on. There's no need to be panicked. I've survived Japan, I can go anywhere from here. Bismillahirahmannirahim!


DS. Utomo said...

You're right. There's no need to be worried and panicked. Have a great success ahead !

Mida said...

baik2 mba???

Meilina said...

@Dad: yeah:)

@Jerrryy: Myaaaaa cepatlah dirimu pulang ke Jakarta (padahal rumah lo di sg yaxD) kangen ngumpul2 bareng semuaaa:((((