I'm On My Way To Believing

Saturday, April 30, 2011
Ahay, so loving this weekend cause I don't have translation project to do. Well, I supposed to do 3 episode, but I refused since I'm so tired yesterday. I really need a break and sew some clothes. My work is fine alhamdulillah. I'm not the kind of girl who likes "nothing to do" at the office, so gladly, there're a lot of project that I've been doing this past one month. Some might see them "too many" but for me, "pas aja". 

I have other job offer at oil company. I have quite some relatives there, but I don't know why, my heart says NO (or not YET). I've been in love with my work now. I don't think I want to give it up too easy. I know maybe it would pay 2 times of my salary now. But, I learnt hard enough that money doesn't always matter. So, I want to grow and enjoy life. Beside, I still (badly) want to do my clothing-line project, though I still have difficulty to arrange time between work, translation project, and clothing-line project now (as u can see I barely updated my blog), but I believe myself that someday those will go harmonic and get good profits. My work is my talent, translation is my skill, and clothing line is my passion. And I've promised myself to grow more and more every single day.

So ready to hear the next update? I think I finally attracted to somebody new :D! YIHAAAAA, this really needs a celebration. Loving(one-sided) and waiting a man is kinda tiring after 2 years. I should see it as "bukan jodoh" now:-| I should look for another soul! Anyway, it's only in "like" term though. I barely know him. But I'm glad, I'm not as numb as I thought before. Before it's so hard for me to define that I attracted to somebody. So, he's older than me,  at first I thought he's somebody's husband=)). But his face is kinda familiar (as always~ this is how I attracted to man, I think) I even asked my older sister, if she knows a ikhwan around our area with his name. I thought that I'd worked with him in social-works that I used to do before I went to Japan. 

Anyway, the first time I saw him, his face looks too familiar, I can't help wondering where and why. After wondering about that for a while, I can't helped wondering whether he's single or married :))) and not so long ago I found him "single" and written. Nfufufufu, I'm happy, at leasssst, I'm not attracted to somebody's husband -__- it would be a horor story. Well, I cant say much about him, except that he's the right combination of "cute" and "mature". Well, I don't know yet about his thought on things and such, but his aura is sure do mature (maybe that's because he's way older than meXD~~hahahah) and his face is freakin cute especially when he smile:-* 

So, cute face and mature aura? caught me in! XP

Geez, now I know why my mom (finally) attracted to my Dad:)) I mean, before I was wondering about my parent age-gap which quite big. Now I can understand it clearly :)) mature aura is kinda undefeatable for my genes.

So what happen next? I don't know. I'm maybe attracted but I also overload with things in my life right now. I'm maybe attracted but the last wound makes me become a "come what may" girl. I don't know what to fight for or how to fight for. Sounded pessimist? not really, I become more2 optimist nowadays. Or I might say, ikhlas? I become a believer and I pray for it. I pray for him to come. Whoever he is, the one that Allah chosen for me. He must be a very nice guy and together we'll be better heaven and earth :) I shouldn't doubt The Outsourcers, since He knows me better than myself.

for now, I'm so grateful for my smiling heart and days.
Alhamdulillahirabbil'alamin. Fabbiayyiala'irobbikumatukadziban?