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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Weewww I haven't update my blog for nearly one month. Well there're alot of updates doing on recently. I actually have a 9 to 5 job now. I finally have the chance to work at fashion-lifestyle magazine. Not yet the position that I've been dreaming of, but I guess the position sure do suit my talent, so I'm pretty happy and feel challenged about it. I just started yesterday, not yet have a desk (I'm so dying to decorate my desk:p). But my boss bought me a veeeery fine laptop:| 

These last couple weeks I was busy finishing storybook project. My uncle also came to my home and asked me to help him do 8 designs poster for 1 month deadline. I also have a sad story about abandoned-kittens :( There was a cruel person who abandoned 2days-old kittens at the park beside my house. No cat mom. I really tried my best nurturing them. But they all died, one by one. It was really an exhausting weeks. Emotionally and physically. But at least, through the ups dan downs. They're all still under control.
Ah ya, I also had my sewing machine repaired xD After I have the rythm of this 9-5job and translation-freelance job; I'm still planning to do my clothing-line. This 9-5job maybe suit my talent, translation job suit to my skill, but STILL my passion is fashion-art. There're alot of things to be learned to be a fashion designer. And I'm willing to study hard. And hopefully here at my new work place, I also able to learn alot.
So. I wrote that blog post one week ago xD LOL. I haven’t got the change to upload it until now. Now that I’ve been there for a week, I have picture to be uploaded with. LOL. Well, I took this picture on my 3rd day of work. On my 2nd day, I only receive my –office- laptop. Only after 3rd day I finally have a table. It’s a very nice, the most strategist desk on the whole office. ALTHOUGH, it kinda hot couse the air conditioner is above my seat (so the cool air is passing through my desk). So I brought a small fan. My desk really feels like my room now. Btw my division just had new room that day, separated from the other division, that's why the desks in the photo were so empty. My desk now is also more(more) messy right now.

About the position, like before, I was offered a position which hasn’t been there before, so everything is new here, including jobdesc. But not like the last company, I was so sure to work at this place because my boss really knows what she’s doing. I mean, she has a very strategic and creative mind, and I find it very inspirational. I think I will learn a lot from her. She just graduated from her master at brandeis last fall semester, the same semester with my undergraduate graduation. I don’t know her actual age, but her kid is around 15years old. Cool, huh? I hope one day my husband and kids let me do my master abroad too, (even bring them with me if the condition allows me too xD *tajir berat toka ne?*)
Not like when I was in my internship, I don’t really mind about overwork time here, coz, eheheJ alhamdulillah this beautiful office is just 10minutes from my home. Ohoho, before I was soo jealous with my friend who works at the office near my home, while my internship company was 2hours from my home. I became so trauma with Jakarta’s traffic jam. Everyday felt so dark and tired. After finished my intern, I constantly pray for near workplace. And alhamdulillah wal syukurillah, I got it. Yah, although the jobdesc is quite a lot than I thought before, fabbiayyiala’irobbikumatukadziban, all I have to do know is maintain my mood and creativity while meeting those waiting deadlines. I must fight hard, as my grateful feeling of everything that I have now.
I havent touch my sewing machine for a while now. I’m still getting used to the routinity and trying my best to keep healthy. But luckily my first task is to do promotion video and proposal for fashion design competition. So, I’ve been seeing a lot of inspirational works from inspirational fashion designers these couple days. Hopefully one day my clothing line will get big also, aamiin. Every chance that Allah gives me is a chance to learn and to be better, to be barakah dunia akhirat.
I know it’s funny; I’ve been busy, don’t have a chance to think about anyone especially in office hour; but I feel kinda lonely. I imagine myself sharing with someone about my work, life, and stuff, but I also imagine myself being absorbed to work and being a completely b*tch. I don’t check my cellphone regulary. I mean, I heard there were texts coming in, but when I’m thinking/doing something, I refuse to stop. I usually didn’t even see the cellphone, until 1-2 hours after (after I remembered there was a text coming in. LOL).
So basicly I miss sharing feeling with someone special but I don’t know how now. The simple role that woman suppose to do; asking how he’s been doing, give him support, calm his heart, give him the best smile instead tired eyes—I simply can’t do them right now; my eyes are so damn tired. LOL. Well I don’t know if tomorrow I will gain my ‘power’ again, after I’m used to this working hours and deadlines. But for now, I can’t.
That’s one of the reasons why I want to launch my clothing line. At least it will took around 3 -5years for a brand to be settle and well-known. Hopefully by the time I got married and have children, my clothing line brand is steady enough that I could retire from 9-5work. Of course also hopefully by that time my name also well-known ( so I could do writing/creative design/translation/ freelance from home. Yep, I’m praying to be famous one day(for my talent and my good deed of couse~), I need it for my career:p
Huaaa I’m glad I wrote all these J lol. It feels that I am sharing my thought and feeling, so I don’t necessary have to share it with a man:p Jodoh oh jodoh, kapan baiknya kau mulai kudoakan untuk segera tiba? Am I ready yet?

PS: I do. But I really tired nowadays. Forgive my ignorance.


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Congratulations ! Have a great success ahead !