FYI, I'm Doing My Best

Friday, May 20, 2011
In the end I always only have God and myself. 
In the end there are only two thing that I believe: God and myself. 
There will be times when I won't open my eyes to see.
I wont hear a thing.
I will shut down completely and use my instinct.
I born as disbeliever. But not at those two.
You might see me as antisocial and insensitive.
But deary, that's how I survived along the way.

I'm a freesoul.
I'm at my best when I stop thinking about your expectation on me.
So let it be. See me as who I am. Someone who try her best to be her best. 
Or simply let it go and seek for other soul.


DS. Utomo said...

I pray every moment that God always bless you and your family. Amin...

Jolly Princess said...

You are right we should not let ourselves be dictated by people around us. We can listen to them but it is up to us to decide for ourselves. Nice poem.:)

Lynne said...

What a nice blog. You are sharing beautiful pictures, poems, your life and feelings, successes and dreams. Thank you for sharing from your heart with us. You are a great writer. I will be back to read more again!

Lynne said...

I really like your blog, and the poetry, and all the great things posted! I especially like the title! :) You are a very talented writer and very creative. Let's stay connected!
Thanks, Lynne

Meilina said...

@Dad: :) thank you ^^ b
@Ms.JollyPrincess: Thank youu:) I always try to do my best and respect other but not being (only) dictated to other.
@Ms.Lynne: I've visited your blogs also:) I really like them especially the recipes:))) the food there really look yummy yummy><

trudie-69- said...

That's a lovely blog post, very inspiring! You write from your heart & I can relate to every word!!
Take Care xx

True Crime Story: "Fighting the Devil" said...

Dear Meilina,
What a lovely blog from a lovely young lady. I am so glad that you depend on God to lead you. For I personally know God will always lead you in the right direction. That is why you always try to do your best. All we can ever do is try to do our best. You have found the secret to a happy life and success. God has you in His loving hands and will always take good care of you.
Thanks for sharing your heart, thoughts and blog with us. May God bless you always. Truly, Jeannie Walker

Setyo-Utomo Said said...

Let's by gone be by gone. Just go ahead fully with hope. May Allah always give you strength and patient. Amin....