Hijab and Heels

Monday, May 9, 2011
SO! I know I havent uploaded my recent experiment on fashion-styling for a verrry long time. I did some experiment on hijab-wearing though. Finally, I tried the arabic style one. Hehehe, it's sooo simple I become so addicted about it. but I do have to add some to my hijab collection due this different style-need different fabric.

For daily clothing, I went from casual to semi-formal outfit, coz my Boss said that we can't wear jeans to office. Although some of my friend had already broke the rule by now; I don't know why, I find this rule as a challenge for me. Knowing that I need to practise myself to wear none-jeans:)) So I think why not, I need to know how to wear semi-formal clothing.

I do really missing wearing coat and boots :'( I used to wear a t-shirt and jeans to my campus. A fine boots and coat really make the look works. Now, I have to think twice if I wear it. The transportation and the weather:)) There goes also my 12cm heels inside my closet waiting for me to take it out and wear it. But seriously, in Jakarta I have no appetite wearing my 12cms heels -__- I changed myself wearing wedges now. Anything! that would make me looks taller=))

Anyway :) I decided to post this hijabstyle photo that I'm talking about.


kauleea said...

thanks for visiting my blog,,^^
look like you'r interest about hijab n crochet,,same with me,,hihi
hope we can be friend,, :D