Challenge Challenge Challenge Alhamdulillah

Tuesday, May 17, 2011
It’s been only 3 weeks but I must admit. I diss-attracted to that man I used to be attracted to. Awwww, I hate it when it happens but I must admit when it happened. So maybe the chemistry only last 3 weeks, BUT ATLEAST, he made me learned how to move on. Before I was dying to take out one name—voldermort:p from my heart, and nowJ it’s finally empty—it’s good btw, I prefer it that way. So that was my fling lame-ended, but I’m learnt a lot about things that I want recently. I won’t push out on something I don’t know whether I want it or not. That was my quick update about my heart. MWHUAHAHAH.

Our magz had a talkshow couple days ago. The dresscode are Batik. I have batik but not a very formal-dressy batik. I insisted to look more stylish since the talkshow featuring fashion-show on it. I really want to look stylish to honor it:p So I transformed one of my mom’s batik. Before, it was a simple short-sleeves blouse. I put some pin on it and made a stylish outwear. One of people from a designer clothing actually said my outfit are cuteJ and I was happy to hear it:D hehehe, a compliment from a fashion-professional is really a boost of my mood.

The fashion show itself went smoothly with me (dadakan) helping the audio-mixing. I remember before when I was studying in Japan, I also helped one of my friend who is organizing a World Fashion Show , making a audio-mixing-cd for the runway. De Ja Vu. Anyway, did I told you about my next project that I will be working on June? I will be a fashion stylist! GRAAA, I can’t tell you the detail yet, but I really want to share the happiness:D lol. I mean, I really want to be a fashion-stylist but I don’t think I have the skill yet—but God is so nice to me, He gives me an opportunity to learn about it. I hope the project run smoothly.

Next month I will also be responsible of our magz website and social-media network. I feel like I’m doing 2 (unrelated) jobs at once, but I really don’t mind. I don’t like doing nothing, especially when I’m in office. After all, time goes faster if I have a lot of works to do. That’s why I love works. It makes me feel I didn’t spend a lot of time on office. LOL. Weird analogy, but I’m sure some of you know what I mean.

Oh ya, I finally swam again after 5 years vacuum. Yeay. I think I will really love holiday and weekend from now on:D it will be my Swimming Day! :) I don’t like doing exercise except dancing and swimming.  But dancing without facing a large mirror and a high-volume music is really boringL I need to install large mirror to make me feel want to dance here at Jakarta. Haaaaaah, I suddenly remember there’s a lot of things that I want to buyL( Ipad for blogging, DSLR for fashion styling study, a lot of different fabrics for fashion-design-learning. UHUK. 50% of my salary goes to pay my home credit every month now. So it’s really hard for me to save up and buy fancy gadget. I’m thinking about selling my old gadgets like pen-tablet, psp, that I bought from Japan, but,,, sayaaangL((( I bought it with memory back on that days.

I hope there’ll be a way for me to add up per month income without killing my talent and passion for learningL These days I need to learn a lot about cloth-pattern and fabrics. Mastering those two on this year! That’s my goals for now. I will buy gadgets next year after I have doubled income—aamiin.


DS. Utomo said...

That's life. We face challenge, again, again and again. But God will help us to overcome it. InsyaAllah... !

dissa said...

i havent been in your blog for a while and look what i missed!! wowowwowowww!!! congratulationssssss :)

Meilina said...

LOL. I hope you'll read my recent posts though Diz XD, the update is I resigned from this job 1.5 months ago:p