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Tuesday, May 3, 2011
Happy May! I'm turning 28 this month. Oh my oh my, time does go faster and faster these years. So I think my body has already used to this 9-5 work routine after working here 1 month. So I'm thinking to really focus on my next goal, (beside marry of course):P my clothing line! Graoooww. I just looked at Dian Pelangi's blog and stunned for her recent work. She really-really talented and have the tools that is needed. The tools, the network and so on. 

Well, my Dad asked me once about funding my clothing line project, but I insisted to self-funding myself. I'm trying to get more money by taking translation freelance project, but I ended up doing nothing on weekend except translating anime--kinda depressing, to be honest. I miss designing and modify/sewing some clothes. but I do need the extra money for funding my clothing line project--dilema.

About the clothing line concept, after working here, at the fashion-lifestyle magazine, I realized how 'raw' my concept is. So first thing first, I got to rethinking the clothing-line concept. The second thing is about my friend storybook project:(( I've pended it too long:| She promised me to bargain my work with several manequine<3 I should try to do it tonight--btw I write this blog at my office. LOL. After going back home, I really don't like turning up laptop, as it reminds me of WORK. I dreamt about work this past 1 month, my friend told me that it has something to do with brain activity--it couldn't stop even when I was sleeping. So, I've been dreaming sit infront laptop, designing on photoshop:| not after subuh I finally get another-unrelated with work-dreams.

Anyway, cmon Henny~ Make something beside your 'office' work. Or you'll be fallen behind your own dream.

photos of Hana Tajima such a moslemah-fashion-designer-guru


Lynne said...

Wow, Beautiful!!

DS. Utomo said...

Happy Birthday to you ! Have a great success ahead !!

Meilina said...

Thank youuu :)