My Humanly Side

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Huaaaaa i havent writing this blog for such a long time. From this you can easily see how 'distracted' I am. Im writing this from my new tablet alhamdulillah. so pardon my misspell etc. I become so antipati with laptop cause I really reall have enough seeing it on weekdays. I have avery tight schedule on work lately and my body cant catch up the stress, so.. you can imagine next.

But I'm trying to give my best effort. that is why im trying hard to get my self entertained and have a good mood on weekday. One of the reason why I bought this tablet xearlier than my plan. after coming home from work the last thing i want to do is sitting infront of laptop.

being in creative div, the last thing i want is to be uninspired, and all these tight schedule eventually made me uninspired. I barely have time to look up for inspiration since, again, tight schedule. Normally I need onee day or two to incubate the ideas and compare one to another, but lately, what comes on my mind night before, iss the one that i make after. So, yes I feel abit pushed and havent got the time to explore the other best posibility.

And how about love? nada. I havent got the chances to sosialize outside work. Not that before Im a socialbutterfly, I am a bit antisocial and everybody knows that. but being absorbed with work definitely made me more antisocial than before.

Im a novelist and I keep trying to imagine how I would find my soulmate. My probability to make friend with completely stranger is almost zero. Except they're not completely stranger, friend of a friend.

I must admit, my 2 years love is probably the nicest character Ive found so far. But let's not forgot that his pride&arrogancy and my pride&arrogancy is completely on the same level, so none of us would probably try to work it out eventually. we r just too stubborn for each other.

so, no wonder how I adore him so, unless I could lower my ego and unless he could cinta mati with me I think better for me not to push things over the limit. There ll be the next charming witty guy after him. I'll wait. But I hope not too long.