Home Sweet Home

Thursday, June 23, 2011
I received good news last night; my sister is expecting a baby. I'm then remembered that I must fix this house asap, at least before my 2nd niece born. Maybe Just like my Mom, Im longing for a nice groomed home. That's why I prefer thinking about fixing my home than saving up for my marriage.

Home for me is "family and pet that I take as a family". And I do realized that my pet is a bit annoying for other, that's why I need a fixed home, for me and my family, and my pet--that I take as a family, to live in comfort. Btw this also one of the thing that I saw from a man. My future husband must be an animal lover. Well, not the dangerous one though(snake toka neee).

Half of my salary already goes to house credit and taxes, Now I need to make a budget for renovation. Well, for now it wont be a mayor renovation; just a minor one. I need a door deviding my sister and my space, so that my cats wouldnt go to her place. And a backyard door for my cats. I know some of you think Im abit weird, doing that much for a cat. But really a cat companion for me, gives me happines. So I must fight for my happiness and also make people surround me not being annoyed by their existence.

So basicly I need to save up more. I must cut out my cafe-going-type of hang out and save up for renovation. I hope by the time I got marry and my sister baby born, at least we have a devided space. I dont mind if it doesnt too proper yet. Me and my future husband will make it more proper after it. (he must. lol)

Yosh. I have at least 1/2 years. I must be strong and work hard!! Bismillah..

Our future sanctuary. I got this pic from here


Setyo-Utomo Said said...

Happy to hear the good news. Of course we will prepare a more homy house for us and for the cats !

Umihoney said...

Hi Meilina,
Its really great saving for a new house. The hope,dream and anticipation seem magnified.Its something to look forward to.Here's hoping that your wishes come true.

Take care.