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Wednesday, July 20, 2011
Yea I knowww :((( I miss you too =p #geer

HOnestly, Ive been writing with my tablet but I always forget to upload them. LOL. Blame on me T^T

For those who realized, the last 3 month I have "Creative" as my job position. But now, as my job expand, my jobtitle should be "Creative & Social Media Campaign".

Honestly to say, I've been stressing out this few days try to figure out how to balance my days as those two job has their own-unrelated-task to do. By means "Social Media Campaign" I have to make sure our magz web-facebook-twitter is communicatively persuade people to engage more with our magz; the "Creative" side means I have to provide creative concept for our magz client, pitching tender, taking care outgoing project.

That's two different jobdesc, I KNOW :((((( and after knowing Social-Media Campaign is actually time-consuming; I've been freaked out this couple days. How am I supposed to maintain social-media campaign while I barely breathing for half of month(magz deadline). But, nevertheless, I decided I have to give it a try. Coz I realized this is also a time for me to build networking and expand my mass-communication-skill.

It's already 20th of July, I should be thinking about our magz next issue, but my mind is still simply overload with this (suddenly) social media campaign thingy.

But I just praying to God last weekend, that I hope I could be a creative brand manager one day:| I take this is how He answered.

Wish me luck.

MWHUAHAHA, I know this pic has NO relation with this blog post.
I ran out of pic :-| 
I've been watching GG these days and simply stumbled upon this gorgeous screencapt of chuck bass. XD kihihihi


Umihoney said...

Hi Meilina
I wish you all the best.Having said that I am sure despite the sighing and frustration you are actually thrilled at having to do something as challenging as this. At the end of the day having a dull job is simply not what you need.
I am sure you will do a very good job my dear.
Hug the cats for me ya.
Take care.

Meilina said...

actually...... T^T recently I've been thinking about resign from this job.
I'm too overload and recently I feel that most of my haq is being violated:p Thank you for your support and Wish me luck though umi:)