Sunday, June 26, 2011
I do realized I havent update anything on fashionbeauty tag recently. Working on women fashion and lifestyle magz makes me more aware about fashion style indeed, bbut also make me feel a bit.... intimidated. I know everyone have their own capabilty, and I should more focus on my workfield, which is creative and design; but looking on my fashion stylist collague really making me abit un-confident with my fashion taste. That reminds me, I should clean up my dress drawer tomorrow. I should redefined my clothes. Recently I realized I have my own taste on clothing, and I want to be more defined as me.

hoahm.. I think i will make this post short. Im so sleeeeepyyyy. Today I went hang out with my friends. nd oh, I saw a big breathing polar bear doll at the mall. I then remembed my polar bear, and Im wondering whether he saw it and remembered me too. But that only for second, as I know, he refused to remember me, i n any form. and I accepted the fact; at least for my justification to forget him also.

ahoaahm.. Im so tired now. Ive been cleaning up my closet and bookshelf this whole afternoon. Im not that perfectionist, but mostly there'll be times when I feel that I need to clean up. E,ither at my office or at home. I not the everyday-looks-neat kind of woman, but I do prefer neat and clean.

one night after...

So tomorrow I'll be back to my routinity. Im trying not to think too much about it, and just focus on doing my best. God wants what best for me, all I need to do is trust Him and do my best. I do realize I have a choice, and I chose to do my best. Im trying not to worry too much and bismillah, lillahi ta'ala.

Semoga Allah memeliharaku dari segala kelalaian dan fitnah. aamiin. Ketika Allah ingin perubahan, insyaAllah pasti perubahan itu yang terbaik. aamiin.

I dont know what to wear tomorrow. It seems that I do need to buy couple blouse:-| I know I should sew it instead, but I simply couldnt find the time and the mood. yah anyway, Im gonna sign out now. Oyasumiiii