(not always) free sunday

Sunday, August 14, 2011
Today is one of the free sunday that I have. NOT all sundays are free time for me as you all know, I work at the monthly magz--the deadline took atleast 1 or 2 weekend(in a month) to work. Last weekend I worked until dawn to finish my deadline and I was so exhausted.

Ive been depressed this couple weeks, and I actually ask permission to resign, but my magz kindly enough to hear my circumstances and willing to change things out for me to pend my resign. Coz really, when I say it's too much and I'm tired, probably it is too much from what average indonesian worker could take--i dont know about japanese though.

While Im in Japan I worked at so many places like factory, restaurant, hotel, bakeryshop, I ve been at such a busy bee, but I always know my limit. And try to respect my body and soul healthyness. But nevertheless, compare to japanese I'm nothing, sometimes I've been thinking if they even have limitation, they work so hard, I see it too hard tho'.

I'm at my bff house btw, it's been a while since my last stayed over. I know her family since I was 12 years old. I'm the lucky one that have this kind of friendship, I know:)

Btw, I have new pair of glasses now=D whatdoyouthink?