Wednesday, September 21, 2011
So I havent updated for a loooooong time, and come back with rather shocking news. I'll be resign from my creative and social media campaign position. A lot of things happened and I hope I'd learnt enough from the experiences that I had. I decided to start my own clothing line and take freelance jobs only. Im so tired with office-politic, I decide to immun myself from it from now on. I also personally havent yet sure that I'm ready to start my own business, but it seems that Allah decided that I'm ready. HE finally gave my the condition that 'require' me to quit. For those who are wondering, I'm type of loyal-partner type, so if the one that I've been respected is ended up resign (bold on the ended up phrase); I'm also choose to quit. Half part of me think that I really gonna miss my job, but the other part of me, simply couldnt resist the happiness that finally I got the chance to make my own clothing line:) Kinchooouu~<3

Anyway, I'm not worry too much, I don't know why:) maybe because I believe things that happens are with Allah's permission. Well I'm a free soul afterall:)