Wednesday, October 19, 2011
So no wonder my productive time at home is when the night comes. Especially when dry season. I caaaaaant stand of hot weather. Huhuhu. Next summer I must buy air con no matter what T-T. Summer in Japan almost feels like this. But at least my apato was at up hill so the mountain breeze was really helpful to survive the heat. But even in japan summer, I used to woke up at 1pm and went back to sleep at 3 am of dawn. I really cant stand the heat T.T Had known that this Jakarta’s summer heat is making me unproductive at noon, I should've bought aircon sooner while I was working. Well I must pend to buy it. Cause speaking about money, I did budget calculation last night. It seems that I have both tight budget and tight schedule. I hope I'll find good price fabrics next week. I also made timeline season for my collection. Like other branded clothing line, I will also launch my collection 4 times a year. Learning from the fashion magz that I'd worked at, fashion market do have its pattern per year. Anyway, I've planned my debut collection will be launch in December:) That means I have around one month prep. Bismillah.

Hey, I dreamt about dresses and several ideas last  night, it seems that I can officially see this 'work' as a 'job' now. I always dream about work. lol. Anyway it is better for to take a nap now. I'll do the designs at night. lol. Oyasumiy.

---after took a nap---

Fufufu, I was writing that from my Thumbelina-tablet, now I’d woke up and sit infront of my Dad’s laptop. Still feeling so damn hooooot T-T. Anyway I forgot to give you some update. Last Monday I went to my old campus, and went to the library. It is now a very sophisticated library with Starbucks coffee café. I really enjoy taking time and search for inspiration there. Now I can imagine why JK Rowling needed to find other quite (and COOL) place to write. LOL. I completely feel you, Mam T-T. Anyway, I think I want to make that place a place that I’ll regularly come per week. Of course it’s a plan AFTER my clothing-line run. I’m the kind of person who needs another place to work or simply search for inspiration. Hmmm writing this also reminds me that I also found a good place to roaming around last year, it’s a book café. But I never went there again, so I kinda forgot the exact location. LOL. But yeah, that book café or Starbucks UI or library UI, you might meet me by coincidence =D 


Meilina said...

Your dream should be scheduled into SMART plan. Hope you'll have a great success ahead !

Meilina said...

=3 hey Dad, you're using my account there:)) xoxo