New Life

Monday, October 17, 2011
Hello blogging wooooorrrrrld XD it's been such a looooong time no writing here. I have a lot new things that. been 'given' to me recently. First of all, I have a new renovated house.  I really wanted to finish renovated my home before I quit my job. One of the reason was that I want it to be done while I have enough money to renovate. The second reason was my babies are starting to irritate my sister who live 'next door'. So basicly I'm tired being yelled (I hate being yelled or talked with high pitch) at, I decided to divide my house completely. Well we do still share bathroom and kitchen area, but at least, my babies would go easilly messing up her place. So yes, I have new-renovated home. I also have a studio now. Soon will be a space for my newlywed pavilliun (yea, I wish:p). This is the new backyard teras. As you can see the door on the other side, that's my studio. It's separated with the main house.

The second thing that is new in my life is, I have another babies:) Muu gave birth 3 beautiful kitten last 30th Sept. The night before she was unusually clingy on me, and looks a bit in pain. I thought that she will give birth around last oct, but it seems that I calculated wrong XD So the nigh before I give her back massage untI'll she slept. Early in the dawn she woke me up, and I realized that her water was just broke. So I immediately searched a box and place it on a dark isolated place. For the last 28 years, I have 2 types of female-cat-pet. The first is the ones that prefer give birth alone, isolated from human. And the second one is the one that demand me to company them while they're giving birth. I didn't know which type is Muu, so at first I place her on isolated dark place out side my room. I then went back to bed. One hour later I woke up jumping hearing Muu ngeden. And shock when I saw her, squated in front of my room door, ngeden. I then realized that she's the 2nd type of female-cat; which want me to be on her side when she giving birth. So I ran and moved the box inside my room, where within 2 hours, she gave birth 3 kitten. That's the day I officially resigned from my job. At first, watching her and her babies kinda freak me out a bit; I do have to have steady income for them. They're all in my responsibilllty now.

 So yes, the next update of sumthing new:) I'm now in my way to be a succesful entrepreneur:) A young creative succesful entrepreneur. Honestly it always fascinated me when I heard that words. And now I'm on my way achieving that title right now. Bismillah. It's been 17 days since the day I resigned; I've spent the first 1/2 week enjoying my freedom with my big family. My sister family came from out town and stayed over 4 days. I then spent the next one week with a bad flu. That time I couldn't think of anything. If it's gastrical problem, I still can use my brain. But for influenza? really, I couldn't even think a small problem if I have influenza:|So during that time also, I had my fear  and unconfidence. I know it's quite risky for me to start my clothing line now, but my heart told me this is the way, so there I was, logically and intuitive arguing myself. Not after this weekend, after I finally recovered from my flu and started to incubate ideas and contemplate things, I finally got the confidence back. I have list to do, try not to be rush on things, but also try not to be late; I have mouths to be feed. I have talents and skill to be approved at;) I'm on my track. Although it is sooner than I thought but, I'm on the right track.

Like a son who tries to get his Dad approval, although I always have it along the way, I really want to show my successly career to my Dad. I want to show him what a succesful woman he has growing up these years. I might a bit stubborn and hard. I might have my own space and pace; but I always trust myself. I can be bigger than this. As now and always I'm bigger as I grow.

So here I am, journaling my path for succes insyaAllah:) they're will be up and down as always, but it will be fine, if I remember to stay always on the right track.

I hope you, everyone who read this also believe in yourself and your strength:) we'll be okay, we'll shine brighter than this, as long as we keep on walking and believing:) GAMBAROU minna!


Setyo-Utomo Said said...

Congratulations with the new way of life. May Allah always bless you, so you'll have a great success ahead ! Amin.....

Meilina said...

aamiin:) Gambarou Dad!