Happy Islamic New Year =D

Saturday, November 26, 2011
Yesh, the updates. I’ve been sewing for 9 dresses now. 4 dresses and 6 coats to go before 1 dec, since I really want to start thinking about ‘the final touch’ by that time. Then I have 2 weeks to done it before launching on 15th dec. Haduh haduh, kinchouuuuu, I’m so nervous nowadays. I hope the final touch will bring up the mood of the dresses. I must-must-must study more about clothing-pattern in order to inovate more on my next season collection.

Btw, I’ve been recommended to be a creative and social media campaign consultant for one of fashion brand. To tell you the truth, I’ve been drolling at that offer these couple days, realizing that I will do things that I did when I was working at fashion-magazine again. I maybe didn’t like the politic there, but I did enjoy what I do. Uh uh, as I writing this, I really miss my bossL She’s a brilliant smart aceh woman, that somehow has some character like I do. Not-so-javanese-myself-characters.  Anyway, although I’ve been drolling over the notious that I’ll be a creative and social media consultant, there’re still some circumstances that I propose and let’s hope they willing to compromise with it. If it’s not, then “bukan rejeki”.

Anyway, this singingthumbelina clothing line will still be my first priority. I decided to take part-time/freelance job only during this birth of my baby idea. Let’s say I’ve determined which path that would go. I won’t abandon my other talents and skills that I have, but I won’t let my creativity died when I work. I choose to whom I want to learn, I choose to whom I want to share my talent; people with disrespect would NOT be one of them.

Now I finally understand why artist prefer to take freelance/part time only. For some, it’s order to stay ‘alive’.

Ah iya, Happy Islamic New YearJ I didn’t prepare any resolution yet. So now I’ll write thing that pops out my mind.
1433 H
1.       I want to be more shalehah and syar’i and stay deviant at the same time.
2.       I want to nurture singingthumbelina clothing-line and stick with it, no matter how hard it might goes.
3.       I want to give more, more, and more.
4.       I want to be more sabar, more stronger, more strategist(in a good way) over things and problems.
5.       I want to meet (more) inspirational people and learn learn learn more.
6.       I want to do silahturahim more often.
7.       I want to share my talent and skills—teaching/workshop and such. I do miss teachingL #former-kumon-assistantteacher.
8.       I do praying my jodoh is coming soon:)

That's for now, I'll think other resolution along 1433 H=D hihihihi
So what’s your new year resolution?
=D Don’t be ashamed of your dreams, let’s dream big; life would be so boring and stagnant if we don’t dreamJ Garou garou garou minnaaaa <3

I made this with polyvore last year, natsukashiiiiii