Monday, November 14, 2011
I finally bought the fabrics I need for 1st production. A lil bit pricy than I thought, since I decided I only use japanese cotton for my clothing line's dress. But alhamddulillah I found the color that I want. I also finally finished the storybook project for my friend. So I'll receive couple tailor manequine from her as my illustrator fee. I also finished the layout  for my clothing line online shop. As you can see this blog layout also changed, this was inspired by my future ol shop. Hehehe.

Today I supposed too clean up my working space, but then I got too tired cleaning up the paviliun for my kitten shelter. I did it when it was heavy windy rain. The wind blew quite hard and cold this noon, I dont want her fall sick coz living on backyard teras. I couldnt take her inside my house coz she'lll still in karantina. Anyway, I'll continue to clean up myy working studio tomorrow and start some pattern makingg. Yosh gambarouuuuuuu...