Recovery (part 2)

Monday, November 7, 2011
So the updates? I'm off schedule and waaaay off budget plan. I got quite a lot and beruntun musibah recently. The kind of musibah that need money pulak. One of it was my old sickness is say hi after these couple years I almost forgot I have acccute gastrical illness. So right now  I'm broke physicly, emotionally, and financially. But yet I'd lived worse than this, so I refuse to get overly depressed over these musibah. Though I must admit alot of medicines and too much sleep-doing nothing, kinda affect my horrmones. I easily iritates over lil things. But overall, I'm good. I will, insyaAllah like always, overcome this.

I cancelled my fabrics survey appointment with my friend since I barely walk on last sat. I'm planning to do it next saturday. I hope my recovery done well by that time.

Well that's my updates. Quite cold huh, this post? I write this while under medicine. I just want to write the ups and downs of my journey and try not hide the difficul times. Maybe for me (and maybe you) to learn to survive again next time. aamiin.

dun worry be happy. there'll be a or even couple way(s).


Setyo-Utomo Said said...

Alhamdulillah.... All praises to Allah !