Wrong Size

Monday, November 21, 2011
Today I cut the fabrics I bought last week, for the very first time. and the result was...I made the dress too small XD well, it fits me well, but I definitely got the wrong measurement for singingthumbelina freesize dress. Then I decided to go with XL measurements, since the youngster nowadays have a bigger hip. I'll meet a friend that would test the dresses for me. She has average woman body type. I couldnt test it to my body since I'm (so) petite.

One step out of time, I hope by the end of november I would finish the sewing phase. After that I would give then 'a finishing touch'. Hehe. I cant tell you yet what's thee final touch is, let it be a suprise for the launching day. I hope I could finished it before Dec 15th. Aamiin. Yosh wish me strength and luck;)


So that was blog post on last saturday that I didn't upload it until now XD I'm waiting for the day when my thumbelina-tablet has its own FAST internet connection. This couple days, my net connection is... dreadful-slow.

Anyway, I finally fitted my prototype singingthumbelina dresses on my friend's body, and they fit quite nice:) alhamdulillah. I also got several inspiration while windowshopping at Margo. It seems that simple dresses are quite popular these days, yokatta. But yes, the difference on my clothing line would be at "the final touch", lol, sorry no spoiler yet. I haven't buy the tools (for the final touch) yet; since I spent all of my money on buying fabrics. I decided to launch 14 dresses+6 coat on my first half winter edition. I hope I could produce the second half on late january/februari though:( My first plan was to launch 40 dress, for 2 communities. But huhu, my budget was quite tight since I spent them on "emergency" money. So, anyway, then I decided to divided the first production into two edition.

Huaaaa wish me luck guys T^T I'm gonna need it beside the strength and determination.


Setyo-Utomo Said said...

Have a great success in your smart and hard working !