Dear Hacker :)

Sunday, December 11, 2011
Dear mr.hacker. I see that you've bugged me for almost 2 years now. Tonite im wondering why and what kind of strength that brings your consistency on me. If it some kind of love, why dont you just come and ask me. I probably like you too, you know.

But of course you already knew that I'm a bit.. demand-er. No no dun worry, just a bit kok. lol

I dont need a big wedding, I just want a brand new strategist house with laarge backyard for my cats to wonder around:) I dun mind use the space with ur parents, but THEY MUST BE A CAT LOVER, if it's not, buy the house next door for me and my cats only. I might like you, you know, if you willing to do that.

Ah, you also MUST BE A CAT LOVER. No, not the ordinary one, you should familiar with cats poo, cats birth+nurture helper, a 24hours nurse, and many more. Really, I can love you for that.

See? it's not so hard to get my love kan?

I dont need diamond, but I do need updated gadget, for my work, of course, and for a lil bit entertainment:p I can buy it myself though, but if only you want to suprise me with present,hehe gadget would be nice.
My house rite now need a huge renovation, you can try to impress me by renovate it:) beside that a lil help with my clothing line modal will be apppreciated too.
What? I'm matere??? Noo, I just want to tell you, you can alocate your energy by doing those to make me like you.

It's a pity you use your energy to stalk me. I easilly impressed, so why dont you just try?:) If you don't want to try it, why bother love me anyway ?_?

PS: there are also some rules involved if you want to be with me, but heyy:) if you love me so, you'll do what I want you to do kan:) It's only about 30 long list rules. Not too many. Many guys been through it, well, most of them didn't survive, but heyy, who knows maybe you'll be survive:)