Saturday, December 3, 2011
My kitten always all over me when I'm working. 
PS: Dun worry I wash the dresses twice before put them out. LOL.

Oookay... my monthly cycle is kinda messed up this month-maybe due to the stress and the sickness I have before; I have a longer PMS now=.= #sigh. The other sign beside being ira-ira all day is my nerve. I got nervous all day:| Well, I know I might a bit nervous waiting the result of my test (WORK test BTW. lol. The one that I mentioned before), I also nervous (again) about my clothing line. But when I check the schedule, I'm on track, and I shouldn't worry too much about it. Well I can't blame my hormones, but I also can't act like I'm not nervous or ira-ira. Anyway, I actually finished the first stage of production today. 14 dresses, and 3 dress-coats. I will get the dresses and coats obras-ed and buy couple things next week. After that, I'll buy the "finishing touch"-kit next weekend. I'm pretty sure I can manage to finish this first half season around 15th this month. The thing that I'm worry is the budget. Semoga Allah mencukupkan. Oh I really hope I can get that part time job, I really love the jobdesc, and God know how I need more budget to launch my clothing line.

>< wish me all the best guy. wish me strength and patiency also. Yosh. Bismillah! 


Setyo-Utomo Said said...

Have a great day ahead. May Allah always bless you every time. Amin...