The Path

Friday, December 23, 2011
The thing that I love about myself is I don’t doubt myself, and I always believe God is good. So while people doubt my decision, I’m not. God has the privilleges to decide, and human has the privilleges to choose. My path that I’ve chosen is hard. I’m not trying to hide it. Ups and downs. Rocks and blocks. Risk and lost. I chose that hard path. I’m taking the risk.
Well although I must say, any failure would just make me more know who I am, and commit to what I’m doing, what I chose, what my passions are, and how (and who) I want to grow (with). I know my character and I know how far I would compromise. I’m compromise, but on my own level.

This path is hard. I must not hide it. I have mouths to feed, I have talents to cherished, I have responsibility that I need to fullfill. But I refuse to doubt myself. I will only grow stronger and wealthier.  This path might be hard. But I can see the light on the end of the tunnel. I believe if I keep strieve to move forward, that light will sparks around me.
God, help me. You know I always need the strength. God, guide me. You know I always need clues. God help me, I’m gonna put this day aside and wake up refreshed, to walk forward. I will not stop.

Anyway, updated news about me:D been busying with freelance print-ad design and webdesign this couple weeks. I decide to pend my launch on Januari 2012. Had some trouble purchasing the “final touch kit”. Last 2 weeks, my brother in law is busy (he’s driving. But of course now I forgot, why can I just hire someone to drive for me=.= God made me forget about that, for some reason. I dun mind) This 2 weeks ahead is a holiday week so I don’t think it’s a good week to purchase things (unless they’re sale of course). I decided to focus more on my freelance-job while I can, and focus on the ‘final touch’ design. I also need to touch up the iframe of singingthumbelina page. I’ll be back on production track on 2012. And God knows how I need more freelance job right now. LOL. My freelance-job hunting announcement will be on text next week. I failed one, that’s why I need the announcement. “Me is now available again for freelance” LOL.

Now that I wrote my mind out, I feel abit refresh and positive thinking:D God is good, and He knows well me.

Yosh. Gambarou. Happy holiday everrrryyyyoneeee~<3