Wide Awake

Saturday, December 31, 2011
Just woke up in the middle of the night bcoz of weird dream. Feel abit uncomfort about that dream, but then I found Tigerfox--Ruu's only child, beside me, looking at me with her round eyes, as if asking "Whats wrong, Master? r u okay?" The funny thing about Foxy is she always been the detach one among my cats, but she's the one who sleep the nearest. My nocturnal babies is roaming around playing catching tail now, so here I am, wide awake nothing to do except writing the updates. Lol. I dont know why do I always feel need to give updates about my life--or better yet, my passion, here at my blog, but hey at least I have sumthin to post. Lol. 

Anyway, alhamdulillah, I have one big project to do within january. At least something to hold onto until singingthumbelina has its own income. I also apply another freelance job that has steady income per month. I design customized print ad for fashion magazine now, but the income is quite unsteady, I need to add more freelance that has better grib of income. But the important thing I feel blessed to be able to do things I like, from home, and get my rejeki from it. I once wrote fb status "for some, ambition means money, position, power. But for me, it means freedom and independence. So who said I'm not ambitious?" Yes, I'm striving to give myself a salary. I dont want to feel dependent and insecure about working to other. That's why I'm so eager starting my own clothing line. Freedom and independency is what I'm striving for. There must be good reasons why The Holy Phrophet Muhammad saw urged people to be a merchant, and best way to find out is to live it.

Okay, my kids are back to the room, the rain is start to.pouring down outside, I think I better force myself to sleep again. Tomorrow there are alot thing to do. My clothing line will be also launched in jan, so, GAMBAROU!!!!:)