Sunday, January 1, 2012
2011 was one of my good year in life. I grew alot, in skills, personality, well, not particularly physicly. I become more embrace my petite figure now. I just realized that petite skinny figure is simply a bless at my age. In 2011 one I also learnt how to let go, in love, in life. I learnt how to accept myself as merely human--that couldnt decide things that were written, but also learnt to survive even more. I learnt to be more sabar and give everything my best shot, but also learnt to know when to stop.
I do realized how much I grew and survived, and just thinking of it makes me feel more grateful.

In 2011 I restored my Mom's sewing machine. That probably the most AHA moment. I also start blogging in jan 2011, this probably the longest blog that I have--that havent been deactivated or deleted. I just found out the key is not writing too much about love. Lol. I have tumblr to release my romantic melancholy side.

At 00:00 I woke up by the fireworks sounds. My cats which were sleeping with me also woke up and looked threatened. I couldnt easily impressed by fireworks here. I saw Japan gigantious fireworks every christmas for 3,5 years. Huhu, I miss it alot now;(

2012? well the first thing I remember in my to do list is: buy airconditioner or ion fan. lol. I remember how hot last dry season and I refuse to do nothing about it. About career, nothing will change much I guess. Get singingthumbelina a steady income, actively freelancing so I dont lose my designing skills. Be independent and bermanfaat also will be my main goal. About love, well the good news is I finally get over my past love, so yeah Im looking fwd to meet new love.

Just like other years, I hope I'll grow more and more. Im praying for the best, for me, us, everyone. Im not strievng to be the best. But I'll strieve to grow better:)

Bismillahhirrahmannirrahim. let's do our best:)