busy january

Tuesday, January 3, 2012
Ooookay, I decide to pend singingthmbelina's launching again:| I know I know.. Ive planned to launched at 1st Dec at first, and it's already been a month. But really, I have 205 pages designing to do this month, not to forget I still have to do storybook revision, launching singingthumbelina this month feel so wrong. Not to forget IF my another freelance proposal is being accepted. I need to get to used with this freelancing habit first. Semoga baik dan rejeki. Coz really, if it only give me bunch of mudharat, God please, Ive had enough.

The thing that I need to practise more is about switching mode. Today I have meeting about web-designing, the deadline could be next week or next next week, the most urgent one is the 205pages project, I have to summit the dummy on 3rd noon. But guess what, my website mood is still running when I need to do dummy . So I ended up working on the webdesign instead. Now I exhausted. Wew, I barely awake now.. its time for me to sign out. C u on next post. Oyasumiiiy~