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Monday, January 23, 2012
gong xi, gong xi fat choi :) my second favorite new year is chinese new year. I grew up with an artist friend of mine which is indonesian chinese boy. The first guy bestfriend who successfully taught me for not being so anti social when I was in japan, a friend who see me just the way I am and still be there *teary* is a indonesian singaporean chinese. My bestfriend when I was in Beppu is a padang-chinese, who has moslem parents and brothers, though she's a catholic. I always amazed by her family diversity

I have a quite tan skin as a javanese, but I do have an narrower shape of eyes than other typical big eyes javanese. Couple of my cousins from my mom, who has brighter skin simply look just like chinese, one of them even then married to an indonesian chinese. So I always guessing there's might be a chance that my great great great granparents (from my mom) are indonesian chinese. But I never guessing the chinese bloodline might came from my Dad, since my Dad has super duper tanned skin, hehehe...

One day my collegue looked at my Dad picture and said, "Your Dad look like a japanese," I just laughed and thought it's just another basa basi. Kinda bit suprised when she actually said it to my Dad when she met him, "I was wondering where Mey got her chinese eyes, now I know it came from you, Sir". lol. My Dad was just laughed. Later on that night my Dad told me that his mom was often called Ci' (it means sister in chinese) although her name is so javanese. So I was o.O what? so it might came from my Dad bloodline:)))? never thought that before.

One of the the thing why I was curious to track/guessing my bloodline was not the shape of my eyes, or when some people said that my eyes look like chinese/japanese(coz I thought thats just one of basa basi); its the fact that I attract easilly to oriental looking guys=))))) although smart and wise are the final round, still, oriental lookin-smart and wise partner is sooooo preferable:)))))

hihi, so that's a short story why I love chinese new year. 50% of my best friends and influental, inspirational people are indonesian chinese. Not to forget that I might have (distant) bloodline of chinese great great great great grandparents. I also easily attract to oriental looking guy (who is smart and wise). So Im guessing one of my great great great parents was probably as deviant and rebel as i do. lol. She/he might be chose to live against the stereotype;)

hhooaaahhmmm, I need to f
sleep now. anyway I hope none of you think this post is racist or such. It's more about admiration and respect of our rich cultures:)

xin jia.png I wear barong oversived t-shirt in front of barongsai:D hihi, I was wondering why they have similar faces and names o.O


Umihoney said...

I guess many of us , have a history of mixed marriages among our ancestors especially for neighbouring countries.

Have a good year ahead.