Heavenly Home

Sunday, January 29, 2012

I just saw this beautiful picture and simply cannot not to share it o__o I saw it on Daisy Pink Cupcake blog's
My Godness, what a heavenly house,, I get kinda melancholy seeing beautiful houses/interior design o.O I guess I got this part from my Mom:D she loved houses and interior design. But while she liked something brownies and antique, I love something white and vintage:)) white vintage furniture with white cats and kitten around:| heaven,,,

I like this heavenly furniture and interior design.................. *drolls*

I found the picture above on Freckledlaundry's blog :| I instantly got the inspiration how to make my home furniture into pastel vintage coloring, (instead the darkwood and bold color), but I have to wait until I buy enough fabric to cover them.

got this from nskwood.net. Really really really loving that blog post!

found this pic on greatpricedfurniture web

Owwwwhhhh suddenly suddenly I want to redecorate my home. LOL :p 
Hope you like the pics like I do:)