Hoodie Tex

Sunday, January 15, 2012
I'm guessing this week is going to be a very hectic week. Since I might have to submit deadline monday next week, but the clients havent yet give me their material. Still 4x12 pages to go this week. I'd just finished the 150ish pages contained of 12 illustrations last weekend. I do hope, with these kind of dateline, the client wont be too much fussy about the revision.

Anyway anyhow, I'm gonna make a quick post about sumthing. I guess everyone know I love handsome guys, lol. It's a story about me noticing a japanese bishonen looking guy on the news lately. I didnt know that he's that famous, since I personally, I repeat, "personally" dont pay too much attention on twitter trending topic. I just saw him on tv, and know he's a fashion designer. I didnt get his name, and I do have a bit lack of knowledge about indonesian fashion designer's name, esp the new ones.

Anyway, it is weird that when I'm in japan I kinda lost my interest of bishonen (even the japanese guys I like turned out to be like tanned-skin indonesian), Im guessing I dont like something that is common. Back then my campus full of japanese include bishonen, so I kinda lost my appetite:p but now after I came back home, bishonen is rare again (please dont see bishonen as a dandy guy who try to look like korean boyband. Thats no bishonen) I kinda miss the look:((((((( and yeap yeap that mysterious designer(just because I didnt know his name. lol) who caught my eyes is really a handsome bishonen:|

Today I just found out his name is Tex Saverio, quite epic name:p and his dresses were worn by Lady Gaga. Man, talking about young talented artist. I easilly drown by genius guy, I dun know why. From my experience loving a genius(es), most of them have their pace and space, sometimes a bit stubborn and annoying, but I dont know why their aura just simply allure me. I dun mind about stubborn-ess, the one I cant bare is the "absence of mind" I mean, their absences of anything. Therefore I easilly fallen love to a smart inspirative witty man that move (not standstill).

Seeing those kind of huge fashion designer, I try not to be pessimistic about my way to be a clothing line designer, since I just think that I have different genre, different approach, and different target market. For some level, I cant compare myself with "the real" fashion designer. But also I must remind myself to grow more. I remember I barely use graphic designer softwares when I was graduated, but experience brought me designing hundreds spreads now. So I do believe that it would work the same about my skill of fashion designing. Experience will eventually leads me to the skills and success. Bismillah:)

Yeap, I havent been parasocializing for some time now, it's good to found out more about Tex Saverio today. His web is underconstruction now, it's pity I havent got the chance to know him when he's still a blogger:( I hope his web coming soon and he writes as inspirative as his works:)

Yosh. grow grow grow! 1326602312675_2.png