Tuesday, January 24, 2012
Back then I was an overthink too much person. Most of bestfriends know that and for years saying to me "Dont overthink too much". Thats goes almost for anything. Romance, work, study. For years I trained myself for not thinking too much. I usually put a timer in my head, and think it only for the time length I set. Because, no matter how hard and long I think, nothing will happen unless I step forward and live it.

I always believe God and myself. I believe sumthin happened for good reason and learning, for everyone that wants to learn. I believe professionalism is about have BOUNDARIES. When people ended up having no boundaries, it called UNPROFESSIONAL. I put my boundaries and tolerated enough.
Afirst I worried as might look unprofessional just because people treat me unprofessionally, but then after awhile I stop worry, why? coz I saw what I saw. Although people might think it differ, it simply because they didnt see it. So, again, I know my failure, but I know my strength. And the important thing is I've learned and I know my next path.

I used to overthink about others life, for exp, my oldest sister. But then after awhile I realized, she's the one who choose, do, and live it. It's okay if we wants to give advice, but that's it. It's her choice, she's the one who living it. Same story with my life. I took what ever life risk brought me before, and I proudly say I live brave enough face next. My life, my choice, my risk. The path that I choose, the character that I shape, it is me who choose and gain or loose.

I have my own way to describe happiness, success, and best-of-living. You might dont want to compare with yours, coz yours might be bigger, or even smaller. I'm a life strategist. If the first strategy didnt work, what make you think I have no other strategy?:) I have it at least for 20years ahead. That's why I do worry sometimes, but never too much, why?, coz I busy doing my strategies to live on.

So let's stop overly worry for something that we cannot see. We'll end up worrying for the rest of our life.


Setyo-Utomo Said said...

I fully agree with you to stopping overly worry for something that we cannot see. May Allah always bless you. Amin...

Setyo-Utomo Said said...

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