the one

Saturday, January 7, 2012
Today I have such a weird dream:D but it's quite entertaining. I dreamt woke up in the morning, having a husband. LOL. NAh, nothing romantical about it, but indeed it made me wondering after (the real) woke up. The guy is tall, white, chubby, a face that I never saw before. He's kinda quite. Anyway, like everyone that appeared n my dream, he's handsome :)))))) Well, maybe it's one of my id dream,but I do love to see it. I mean, that kind of vision sure give me the confidence that the right guy will eventually appear on the right time. In time when I even dont have gebetan those kind of dream surely help me become a believer. Ehehe.

Having 2 things to be worked at; my freelance jobs and my clothing line, kinda absorb my mind lately. I barely cleaned my room. Not to forget I have difficulties of changing mood. For exp, now I'm so missing working at my clothing line, but I have freelance job deadline. Sometimes the mood switches, but still in the contrarary. I need to practice how to work it out. Anyway, I always pray for someone to appear and be the solution. I have enough with problems and drama. For now on I constantly pray to be a solution, and also have a solution-guy as my partner in life.