Tuesday, January 17, 2012
Right now Im so missing sewing dresses. Watching a dress done surely give me a kind of happy feelin. Although clothes that I made are simple cutted dress, but still..

I nearly done the design project that Ive been focusing this couple week. Hopefully I done it this weekend, so that next weekend I could treat myself of free art-ing time. And fix my sleep hours back. Last couple day I slept after midnight, back to my old bad habit just because I was lazy to work during the day. I even work at different places and different position, in order to stay on datelines. Thank God Im still on good track.

I think I better sleep now. My body is aching. I hope I sleep well tonite. oyasumiy..
tsukaretaw.png I found a doodlin app for thumbelina tablet \(^°^)/ although still very heta using the pen tablet=D