Thursday, January 12, 2012
wew.. I got myself addicted with caffeine-_- I didnt realized it before, I thought I was exhausted from cleaning my wardrobe closet, make-up dress, and mopping up my home this last 2 days. I finally clean it up btw. But then I found that that this no regular tired since I didnt sleep well at night. The funny thing about me is I could manage not to drink too much coffee when I worked 9-5, but then totally forgot it (not to drink alot coffee) while I work as a freelance now. Anyway, I'm trying to switch the coffee addict to milk tea now. Lol.

Today I used my pen tablet that I havent use for the last.... 4 years. Lol. I didnt have alot of illustration project when I was in college, and I havent got used to use it ever since. It was easier for me to use my finger tips on my toshiba laptop. But then, since Im using my Dad laptop now(my toshiba laptop processor could keep up the editing software that i use) the track pad is not as comfortable than my laptop, the mouse is no better also, so I decided to use the mouse pen. The result is quite good it seems that I finally know how to work it out. I remember I bought this baby with my last money from working part time at canon. One of my sweet fruit of labour. That time I also bought ipod-my sister using it now, and of course a ticket home. After that I totally became broke. lol.
As you can see, now I like working on my bed. lol. I have a backache after it tho-_- it is bad habit, but it help me stick
on my schedule. I nearly done the illustration I just need to touch up 3 more. I guess I need to sleep now. Hopefully I could wake up fresh and make a earlier start tomorrow.
oh ya, I finally able to upload pic in blogger from tablet now, check out the pic I just upload it in earlier post;)