Monday, February 27, 2012
helloooo bloog. lol. hoeh, what a month~ I'm busy taking care of these and those this month. I'm guessing this is my most tiring month after my cameback in 2010, lol. It was tiring but full of happy feeling tho' :) I mean, I'm tired but I'm not stress or feeling unhappy about it:D But the bad thing was I'm so tired I havent got the chance to do Singingthumbelina Random Thoughts (SRT) Illustration. My bad, I know:(

Anyway, I'm still waiting for the budget to do the 2nd phase singingthumbelina production--yes, "the budget" isnt paid yet:|…..... But alhamdulillah I have another prospect project from other magz to do starting next month, insyaAllah. I hope it's challenging and also 'cooperative'. The art of freelancing, we're independent and wont stuck in bad office politic condition:)

The other news update is Ruu had born her 5 kittens last week. Yes I know,............ five........... I tried not to be shock and worry too much about it. They'll be my Pondok Thumbelina cats, since having 9 cats inside my main house would be such a chaos. So I decided to split them in two group. My room cats, and Pondok Thumbelina cats. I'll be open adoption though, 2 or even 3 of them. but after 3 or 4 months. I also alhamdulillah found a way to feed them with low budget but still good food (thankyou internet knowledge). Now the important thing is I have to be strictly sterilize them. I'm not planning to add more><… I really hope Ruu breast feeding them at least 3 months full. (before she was dugem when Foxy is only 1 month~~~(what a mom, huh). That time I cant sterilize her while she's still breastfeeding and God knows Ruu is a spidercat which can go out whenever she wants and dugem).

btw, I also have a roaster now. lol. It's my nephew's who got it from grandfather in law. Not long before that I said to him that he should have a roaster pet, since the roaster sound is so calming (for me. lol) kinda bit suprised when Jati came. Hehe. Although that means extra work for the aunty, making and cleaning the cage, but I always wanted to have some kind of ranch house, so I'm not seeing this as a burden at all. Hehe, living outside the noisy town surrounded by love ones and animals (the ones that wont be eaten tho--that's the difference my future ranch with typical ranch. I wont eat my animals:|) kinda my ultimate dream... :D cats, horses!, roaster, ducks, birds, fishes, hihihi a heavenly ranch.

hmm the last update so far is I moved my room (again).
I'm about 29 yo and had 10 times moving/changing room. Average 3 years per stay:| talking about nomaden. The room is pink. Kinda felt too girly inside of it. lol. It is smaller than mine before, but it doesnt matter since I've moved several of m things to Pondok Thumbelina. So I dont need too much space. I just hope I manage to buy the air cooler before the 2012 dry season come >< huhuhu gotta survive the heat (I'm weak with hot weather, I'm weak with fan (always got masuk angin whenever the wheather is too hot coz I got the fan mencrong at me to help my body temperature lower-__-) , that's why I badly need an air cooler:|Air condittioner? nahh, I need the mobile one so I can use it both for my room and Pondok Thumbelina.

Btw, sorry no pic for the story, my cellphone crashed, I dont like taking pic from digicam, so please wait for awhile. I will upload updated pics as soon I got them repaired;)


Setyo-Utomo Said said...

Congratulations for the new born kittens !