Me, Myself, and I

Friday, March 23, 2012

Mmmmmwhuahahahaha what an epic self portrait x3 this almost definitely describes about me.

Ohhooo, as you can see my lovely blogger Dad bought me a big mirror for pondok thumbelina \(^0^)/ I can easily do self portrait now, ahahahaha x3 what a narcistic functioned. Well infact I'm longing to have big mirror coz I miss dancing:( I used to dance while I'm still collegestudent. Dancing probably the 2nd exercise(after swimming) that I enjoy doing. I should do it often now that I got a big mirror similar with the one that my apato had in japan before.

Ehee, it took me almost a half of hour to prepare this 5 minutes photoshoot, it took harder than I thought--directing the feline friends while posing myself, so forgive the angle and such, I barely could take properly posed pic-___-

Anyway the theme, as you can see, is my favorite things:D not necessary in order tho'

1. Sewing machine, SewingButterly :)
2. My first manequin:D this manequin really gave the first feeling that I finally became a fashion designer and living my dream
3. Thumblet and headphones (I supposed to wear them but, ahaa the photoshot got chaotic, I forgot to wear them) #np:  Kelly Clarkson - Stronger
4. Bed :))))) I mean, really, who doesnt like sleeping??
5. Of course, my defined happiness, healthy and loving cats:) This pic only had 8 cats on it coz Ruu hates food-crowd. She knows I eventually come to her and feed her-__-

Ahahaha, this pic almost defined me, although there's still some part missing. But more or less. This is who I am and I wont denied it again, for the rest of my life. Something that is always in my prayer;)

SRT is on progress. Next week I'll purchase the fabrics for the 2nd production, so I'll be done in time.

Ahayy that's my narcistic update, I hope u dont mind:p


Setyo-Utomo Said said...

Wow...what a wonderful shot ! Like it so much. Have a great and happy life ahead. Amin...

colson said...

Gee, a photo like a chapter from your auto-biography :). Full and rich. Or perhaps an original calling card

Anyhow one thing is clear. You definitely are a real really cat-woman :). You even beat my daughter who once had three of these kind of little tigers.

PS: Narcissistic? No. Interesting!