My Own Ranch

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I know I probably dont write when I'm sick, coz I dont know about you guys, but I get so melancholy when I'm sick. Couple days from now, Jati my nephew roaster will be EATEN. Yeah, I cant pet him, coz it need alot of budget to do so. I need to provide good cage, a hen, good food, and health checkup/vaccines, and I cant provide them right now, not to forget, I have 9 cats now.

I'm trying to be ikhlas about it and praying for a life partner who also love animals and love to have a small ranch one day. Yeah:( recently I've been thinking how it would be nice to have my own house and build my own family. Being a last child could be hard sometimes:( there're times when you felt so lonely coz your family is with their family now.

Last week I went out with my friend, I thought that we'll just go out just the 2 of us, but I'm wrong coz her parents was there too. To tell you the truth, I was kind of envy with her. She's 27, going to the mall with her parents just shopping together. Not that I like shopping or going to the mall, but the fact I barely could remember when was the last time I going to the mall with my parents. Probably 20years ago.

I said to her while her parents was roaming around, "if I were you, I'll probably get so convinient and forgot to get marry," I said that because she really wants to get marry soon, even when she has no bf, like now. I dont know, if I was her, maybe I easily got content.

Maybe that's why God give my life now, coz I need not to be content to get my lazy @ss to MARRY!
yeah:( after launched singingthumbelina and be a entrepreneur, I should really think (pray) about marriage. Oh how I very lookin forward to have my own ranch soon, my own family, my own babies.. :)

I shall stop catarsist rite now:p wish me well soon, this windy season makes my digest system went mweeee:(

Dear Allah, please meet me to the jodoh who's THE SOLUTION :) not a problem nor a mistake.. aamiin!


colson said...

I'm sorry about the rooster's lethal fate.. But wow, nine cats!!!

By the way: neither Queen Elisabeth I, Florence Nightingale nor Oprah Winfrey ever married. So I guess women don't really need a man to live life to the full :).

Meilina said...

lol. I'm far from being a vegetarian, but I definitely wont eat animals that I taking care of/gave name:((

hmm, I guess I'm the kinda loner who eventually wish a lifetime convinient companion. What institution/with who ever that might be. ehee.. XD

Setyo-Utomo Said said...

May Allah always bless you and give all of your requests. Amin...