Extra Tight Schedule

Monday, April 16, 2012

Owh yeaaaah =D after months contemplating I finally found the finishing design idea that I hope would sell great for 15-23 years old market. I've pretty much done the dresses but havent got the right feel for the finishing design, until yesterday, Alhamdulillah for the inspiration:D

For the first season I'll be launching 5 types of dresses, each type can be "modified" into 5 finishing design (x2 themes), and each exact-same design could be multiply until 7 pieces (only 7 same dress around the world, so it remain exclusive). So this first spring season would have approx 5x10x7 = 350 dresses IF it all sold out:D (aamiin). It would be semi-preorder system so I won't have a ready stock of 350 dresses since that would be too risky.

The next challenge that I've been struggling is to master the finishing design. I need to learn this and that, not to forget I need to buy the tools (and master it). I don't know whether I can launch singingthumbelina while I'm still 28, I'm trying hard though. I hope I could launch it in time (my birthday is in 20ish May btw:D) so anyway, I have only 1 week to learn the finishing design, why do I need to learn it? Coz as unpredictable as me, there are some switching genre of finishing design going here. I need to get used to it first, before make the final finishing design. And after that, buy the finishing tools, master it,… doing the finishing design on the dresses, and then…. take a picture of it, graphic design it, upload it on web, and doing marketing on community. I need to do all those in 30 days. Owh yes people, I kinda feel panic here as I wrote this. I hope I could launch this at my 28. Aamiin.

That's the short update, I kinda miss blogging random things, but for now..K tight schedule, sumimasen~~~


colson said...

Congrats. Go, go, go! Keep your cool and this is gonna be a success.

Meilina said...

>< thank you so much for the support~! I definitely need a lot nowadays:)