Falling in Hope

Sunday, April 29, 2012

I do swear that I'll always be there.
I'd give anything and everything and I will always care.
Through weakness and strength 
happiness and sorrow
for better for worse
I will love you 
with every beat of my heart.

AHAHAHahahaha.... yes.. yes.. what a productive day, today.. Well, I didn't do much, since this is my old kind of illustration style... I should've practiced on my fashion illustration strokes, but eheh... I went back to this undefined illustration of mine style :| I'm trying to be more romantic on strokes, but it seems, I need more more more practice. I don't know what happened with launching in my 28,,, I will try my best, but won't push it too ngoyo.

So I did this illustration with Sandy Sondhoro - Bunga Mimpi bgm. But then the drawing itself went too INTENSE, and then I found it more suitable with Shania Twain - From This Moment song when I finish edited it. 

Angel always been my favorite drawing, since I--with all my weakness and strength, always see myself an ANGEL=3 ahah.. well I always see every woman as an angel-for her husband and kids, and I always see every man as a protector/guardian-for his wife and kids. It's the way I see world.

And yes, I must admit this is not the first time I drew an angel coming down and hug a man. Maybe it's kinda metaphora for me. A deep meaning that could take paragraphs to explain.

Anyway, one of my friend, based on my bunga2 status, thought that I'm with someone now. It's give me a bit bitter feeling. No, I'm not with someone. No, I'm not in love with anyone. Best way to describe my feeling, it's like when you finally empt-ied your heart, you'll fill it with a hope. So yesh, I'm in love with a hope now.

Well maybe, if I'm indeed (still) in love, I never pray a specific name to become mine though. Why? Coz I don't want to be sotoy. Some things are meant to be. And I won't push myself praying for something that meant not to be turned to meant to be. (bingung2 deh:))). I believe "falling in love" and "falling in hope", has a slightly difference.

Well that "hope" is hanging on my visualization board now:3 ahaaaaha~ at first I want to take a pic of my visualization board and upload it here, but then:3 I got shy and decided not to share it. Finding a visual on things like offline-store, house, car and such is easy to find, I got a bit stuck on finding a "life partner aka husband" visual. BUT THEN, ahaaaahhaaaa~ I forgot that I'm so struck in love with Chuck Bass character this 3 years. Ehewww~so yesh, I put his picture.. with europe background:3 ohooohooo. Well it's not about physic, since I know that I have a VERY HUGE range gap of man-type when I'd fallen in love. I simply struck in love with his character:3 If guy sees Barney Stinson awesome. I see Chuck Bass adorable:p

Well... that's something that I want to share:3 it's spring time, falling in love season. so again, pardon my romantic side:p


Setyo-Utomo Said said...

As you've said that you should practice, practice, practice more your drawing skill, so go ahead with the exploration in your personal style of fashion designing.