Thursday, April 26, 2012

I always know that I have to start eating raw garlic one day. My mom and my aunt from my Dad died of Breast Cancer. I heard garlic clove is good for cancer preventation. So I can imagine to eat it regularly for a healthy life. But I never really start to manage to eat it raw. And last night was probably my first attempt--i forgot if I've tried it before or not. And tadaaaaa,,,, the taste and the after effect was really baaaad:(((((( I ate it for my mild intestinal problem, but the effect of raw garlic itself is pretty harsh on my stomach. Just now, I took the morning dose, tried to eat it directly after meal, but nooo the after effect is still bad. I really got dizzy and very cranky, like want to yell on everything:( geez... I heard a raw garlic is indeed pretty harsh on stomach, but what option do I have?:( I want to cure my mild intestinal problem and start to concentrate in work again, but this garlic thing is really making me feel even worse.... :( I think I should take it cooked alil bit on tonight dose:( I really dont like the raw taste:((((

Huhu, but I see this as a sign that I have to start "practice" eating garlic on daily basis.

wish me well soon...>< I have datelines and I dont want to be sick too long!!!


Setyo-Utomo Said said...

I suggest you crash first that garlic, so that it become small like a pill, eat with rice. Every morning I consume garlic safely. May Allah always give you health ! Amin...

colson said...

Garlic is wonderful. Yet I guess it should be used as an ingredient added to other food only.

Anyhow, get well soon:).